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TANCo, a global expert in time precision and result displays issues, designs and produces integrated timing systems, electronic scoreboards, electronic chronometers, LED displays, peripheral electronic equipment and accessories for a wide range of sports. All the electronic equipment is accompanied by tailor-made software for each sport developed by TANCo’s software team.

The large business area of sports is divided in three main categories: Indoor arenas, Swimming arenas, Stadiums and outdoor courts.

The first category includes all the electronic equipment suitable for sports like basketball, volleyball, handball, futsal, ice hockey, judo, karate, taekwondo, wrestling, etc. and covers all levels of competition, from world championships to school games. More specifically, in this category you can find multisport electronic scoreboards or scoreboards designed for on sport, 24 second shot clocks, chronometers, portable and desktop electronic scoreboards, electronic alternating possession arrow, control consoles, etc.

The category of swimming arenas includes all the electronic equipment and accessories for sport like swimming, water polo, synchronized swimming and diving. TANCo has developed integrated solutions consisted of products like: electronic scoreboards, electronic chronometers, electronic starting blocks, start systems, swimming and water polo timing computers, timing consoles, alphanumeric displays, electronic countdown, starter pistols, converters, starting and arrival buttons, return rad, antiwave lanes, etc.

The third category includes the electronic equipment suitable for sports like football, track, tennis, field hockey, beach volleyball, mini soccer, beach soccer, basketball 3x3, etc. Some of the products of this category are large scale scoreboards for football stadiums, video color LED displays and portable electronic scoreboards. For this category, TANCo applies the most sophisticated technology for outdoor use in order to ensure waterproofness, durability against the rough environmental conditions and high performance under high luminosity.

Electronic scoreboards and chronometers are designed according to the requirements and regulations of the International Sports Federations.


In the field of transportation, TANCo has been one of the few manufacturing companies in the world with integrated solutions for passengers’ information.

In the last 3 decades, TANCo has been imprinting passengers’ needs for updated information during their voyages and operators’ needs during the use of the information systems. Based on these two central pillars, TANCo has developed high quality information systems and LED displays that can be placed in passenger stations (airports, railway stations, harbors, bus stops, etc.) and public transportation vehicles (trains, trams, buses, trolleys, ships, etc.).

Some of the products for passenger stations are arrival – departures displays, monitors and sophisticated software developed by TANCo’s software team. For the transportation vehicles there are electronic destination signs and LED displays.


The area of public information includes many subcategories of applications. Based on the invaluable nature of information at a public level, people in TANCo have focused on the embodiment of the electronic equipment in everyday life with LED displays and electronic boards suitable for municipalities, hospitals, gas stations, advertisements, parking lots, businesses, organizations, factories, etc.

More specifically, TANCo designs public information integrated solutions for municipalities and prefectures consisted of LED displays and proper software. Based on these systems, Mayors and personnel are able to communicate immediately and without cost with the citizens of their municipality. Public information systems help the empowerment of the municipality’s consistency and citizens participate more in events and activities of their city.

TANCo has equipped many hospitals with LED displays that show updated information about the hospital’s operation (on duty, hospital departments, etc.).

Considering the needs of the gas oil companies and gas stations owners for promotion and advertisement of their products, TANCo has designed and produced new fuel price LED displays exclusively for gas stations.

TANCo has also designed LED displays and boards suitable for parking lots connected on integrated parking facility systems for online information about the free space, etc.

Moreover, TANCo produces LED displays of several types for public organizations, the army, private companies and factories. Specifically about advertisement, TANCo produces full color video LED displays of high resolution and great features.


In the area of traffic management, TANCo has given great attention to the requirements of safety and high quality for visibility and durability under rough weather conditions (heat, humidity, fog, etc.). Electronic equipment covers the needs of national motorways, tunnels, bridges, toll stations, etc.

With dynamic message signs, drivers can have instant access to valuable information about road and weather conditions, accidents, speed limits, etc. On the other side, people that manage road networks can send the required information to every spot of the network fast, easy and without cost.

TANCo has 4 categories of dynamic message signs: Toll Fare Indicators – TFI, Variable Speed Limit Signs – VSLS, Variable Message Signs – VMS and Lane Control Signs – LCS.



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